Restoration and conservation are two major aspects very close to heart for the team behind Camray. We value the importance and fragility of historic buildings which require delicate work of dedicated professionals for best preservation.

Buildings of historic, iconic calibre need to be tackled in a delicate manner. They deserve special attention and an extensive eye for detail, making sure that just the right amount of intervention is done without over exposing works.


For the past 20 years, Camray has worked extensively in the restoration sector. Now the brand is honoured to have projects such as the Auberge D’Italie and the Biaggio Steps under its name.

Sample testing

Pointing of Joints

Removing overgrown vegetation and organic growth

Carefully apply biocides to treat superficial biological soiling

Raking out all joints and flush point all vertical and horizontal joints

Applications of transparent velatura

Carry out plastic repair to fill any alveoli or discontinuity of plain stones