Camray has invested in the right team, all trained to push for time frames and to deliver the task at hand. Having the right people, varying from workmen to suppliers and subcontractors, requires dedication and proper planning.

That is why Camray takes Project Management very seriously, involving all the stakeholders. Our company has worked on major, complex projects which involved many people, including stakeholders, subcontractors and tradesmen, both local and foreign.


Camray has had to coordinate efforts with foreign partners to finish big, infrastructural projects. By having the right people on board, Camray manages to negotiate better deals, stick to timeframes and achieve the best possible final result.

Planning Project Objectives and requirements

Project scheduling

Resource planning

Team collaboration

Time recording and tracking

Project reporting

Cost Management

Issue tracking




June 2016


1000 sqm


Structural Alterations, Finishes and Restoration