February 2014


5000 sqm



Project Description

Actavis is one of the major players in the pharmaceutical industries in Malta. In 2013, the company contracted Camray for the setting up of its 4,800 square metre warehouse in Bulebel. 


The site is now home to the latest technologies to cause the least possible effect on the environment. The company is fully equipped with solar thermal energy and hot water. It has a rain-harvesting system, and the lighting is controlled according to how many people are in the facility. 


Camray was entrusted to provide the finishes of this manufacturing plant. The company was in charge for all the finishing works of the outside of the building including tarmac, rails, as well as the facade. It also carried out various works on the inside of the building such as the epoxy flooring that covered over 1,000 square meters of space, asphalt, fire doors, steel works such as stair rails and a steel galvanized walkway.


The project was completed in February 2014 and came with a budget of €1.2 million.